Silent Events

Silent Disco is a phenomenon whereby each guest wears a pair of wireless UHF headphones that receive signal from up to 4 sound sources (often DJs but can be movies /live acts/ comedians /lectures etc).

The headphones have built in LED lights that glow in either red, green, blue or yellow depending on which of the sound sources you’re tuned into and guests can scroll through the channels using a button on the headphones.

The DJs / speakers perform beside our illuminated signs of the corresponding colour so that everyone knows who’s listening to who.

There are a few things that are unique to Silent Events:

Firstly they don’t produce unwanted noise pollution, which means you can have events in places and at times that would not normally be possible. That is ‘anywhere at anytime’.

Secondly, because our headphones can receive up to 4 channels of input everyone can be happy with the music choice. We find this is especially useful at corporate events and weddings where there may be a diverse guest age range.

Alternatively you can have hilarious DJ battles or multi media exhibitions.

Also of course you can take off the headphones and hear yourself speak, or laugh at your friends singing along.

All very funny and innovative!