Drago Gonzalez

Drago Gonzalez was born in Chile, and he grew up with the music, because all of his family were musicians. He studied for three years in a very famous academy of music, where he learnt all kind of music styles, and the knowledge that is raising him up at this moment.

In his first year, he had reached to be the music director of the academy’s orchestra, and we was creating all the arrangements for all the shows. He was also travelling around Chile with the orchestra called “Bafochi”. After his studies he was already able to play any kind of music, that’s when he decided to travel overseas.

He flew for many countries searching for opportunities, and he found South Africa where they opened many doors of chances.

He has been performing on great stages as Civic theatre, Casinos, private shows and much more. And He will be performing for many years as he says: “I will keep on playing until my fingers can’t move”

So we will be able to listen to Drago’s music for many years on.