Ad &the Jazzifiers

Delivering smokin’ and smooth renditions of classic standards and jazzified re-creations of pop tunes.

This is where [Old School] meets [New Wave]
in a harmonic convergence of Jazziness…

Beautiful songs for young & old.

Here snazzy becomes jazzy,
via funky vibes, smooth grooves & classic style…
and all that

Using smooth vocals, excellent players, inspired repertoire, and superb arrangements – AD & The Jazzifiers bring it all together in an impressive musical experience.

Featuring a tight combo of male vocals, piano, upright bass, drums & saxophone, as well as the impressive option of adding a trio of dazzling close-harmony female vocalists to the mix…

The line-up, repertoire and technical set-up can be tailored and adapted to suit specific audiences or event requirements.

Memorable performances are available across the board from jazz clubs, restaurants, theatres, hotels and casinos to weddings, bar mitzvahs, parties, launches and corporate entertainment & events.

corporate entertainment