The Cellosphere

The ‘Bubble’  presents the performer in an exciting new context.

We offer:

1. Cello in The Bubble

2. Saxophone in The Bubble

3. Violin in The Bubble

The Bubble is a collaborative effort between two music agencies and a professional architect. Shelley Frost of The Fridge Dubai, devised this original idea and has been playing her “Harp in The Bubble” in the Middle East, Europe and America.

Carol Thorns launched the concept in collaboration with The Fridge (Shelley Frost) in Cape Town.

The original concept was then further researched & developed, devised a collapsible sphere and stage base, all in one, comprising of a clear plastic sphere, perspex staging and high impact acrylic cladding which conceals the supporting laser-cut aluminium framing, lighting and mechanical fans.

The delightful result is a clear, glass-like luminescent sphere which bathes the performer in light, attached to a glowing stage base.

The Bubble, when placed centrally as a focal point, is able to command considerable attention within large venues. This enthralling concept has become a sensation at events worldwide.