Nambitha Mpumlwana

South African born and based international actress,Nambitha Mpumlwana wears many hats – businesswoman, humanitarian, philanthropist, charity patron and many more. She is an inspirational, dynamic woman whose talent has touched many people.

Apart from her stardom and entrepreneurship, Nambitha is an inspirational, dynamic, deeply spiritualand down-to-earth individual.

Nambitha’s TV career

Award-winning Yizo-Yizo I & II; Interrogation Room I & II; Justice for All I & II; Saints, Sinners & Settlers; 7 de Laan; Ashes-to-Ashes; The Lab I & II; Mozart – Music of the Violin.

Nambitha’s awards

SAFTAS (2007) – Golden Horn – Best Actress Drama Series.

Nambitha’s film career:

Safe House (2012), Invictus (2009), Tsotsi (2005), Red Dust (2004), Beyond Borders (2003), The Diamond Hunters (2001).
International appearances with:
Denzel Washington (Safe House), Morgan Freeman (Invictus), Hillary Swank (Red Dust), Angelina Jolie (Beyond Borders), Michael Easton (Diamond Hunters).

Nambitha’s theatre career:

Nambitha has led roles in several theatre plays such as The Dead Wait, Black Age, Whale, In Search of Dragon’s Mountain, Beauty and the Beast of Oracle, Apart, The Power of Harriett.

Nambitha’s voice overs:

Nambitha’s sought-after versatile voice has been heard in product ads of brands under the Unilever family (Pampers), TV programs (Studio 53) and national campaigns (SA Tourism).

Nambitha as a programme director:

Nambitha is a professional corporate programme director; serious where necessary and candid; always well informed. Her on-stage presence has been known to be spell- binding and thoroughly engaging to audiences consisting of high profile multi-nationals.

She has proudly represented major companies as their MC including product launches, conferences, exhibitions, year-end functions, awards evenings. Some of these events include the Jazz for Cancer Concert, The Department of Agriculture’s Female Farmer of the Year Awards, The Department of Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries’ Female Entrepreneur Awards, POPCRU National Congress, the National Jet Community Awards.

Nambitha as a motivational speaker:

Nambitha shares her inspiring experiences with women and students of all ages, in all walks of life. Not only has she touched the hearts of many young people, but, she has also given the broader South African community a sense of pride and achievement in the Arts. Her extensive training and experience in facilitating and workshopping issues such as multi-culturist and racism, have given her an insight into the workings of the human mind.

Nambitha speaks on topics such as Alumni as Mentors, The I Matter, I Am Woman and No Apologies Here – Celebrating Diversity. She also runs a workshop called Dressing for Success.

Nambitha is a facilitator, speaker, interviewer, panellist, coach and mentor to several women, students and poets. Her love for the arts and her pride in in African heritage could play a major role in ensuring that our African culture and heritage is preserved for generations to come.

Nambitha’s television career

Nambitha has presented on SABC 3, environmental programme 50/50 (SABC 2), Money (SABC) and Practical Parenting (SABC 3).

Nambitha, the entrepreneur

Nambitha runs a voice training institution, NAPAC which specializes in African voices from all over the continent which offers professional voice over casting services for commercial, industrial, interactive, multi-media and animation.

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Nambitha Mpumlwana (MC) is available for live performances at weddings, events, parties, shows, festivals and productions.