Just 6

JUST 6 is a six member Vocal Band from South Africa, Johannesburg established in 2011.

Over the years, the Band has been greatly appreciated for their clean crisp vocals,

distinct harmonies and unforgettable melodies.

By fusing Contemporary Jazz, Pop, RnB, Gospel and Soul music they have always been

able to leave a lasting impression to all their audiences both Locally and

Internationally, with a fresh style they call AFRO-VOCAL PLAY.

When asked their new style, they highlighted how for the longest time,

acappella music has always been viewed as just voices without instruments;

“What if the voice became the instrument?

What if all the elements of a band,

all came from the human voice?

What if, from these African Voices,

we heard African instruments?

What if we took all this, and called it AFRO-VOCAL PLAY!”

Nkosie Hospas, primary Arranger and Composer of Just 6 passionately asked.

And from this, an exciting, new, bold, vocal identity was born. Created to leave

you wanting more, and designed to make you part of the experience.

“It seems impossible, until it’s done.”

These are the words said by Nelson Mandela, a man who was set on changing

the world one day at a time.

“The impossible is being done.”

Are the words Just 6,The Band With No Instruments, lives by as they change

the world one note at a time!

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Just 6 is available for live performances at events, parties, shows, festivals and productions.