Saxxy Divinyl (Speciality Act / Solo Artist / DJ)

Vocal, Soulful, Deep, Funky, Jazzy house, Old and nu-disco.
If stylish and refreshing describe the style of entertainment you want at your event, look no further! Cathy Del Mei is one of the country’s leading saxophonists and when playing alongside DJ Abby Nurock, this duo will create a unique experience that will leave a lasting impression. For Cathy, the performance comes first. You’ll find her grooving on the stage to uplifting beats or winding her way through the audience, interacting with guests.

DJ Abby Nurock is a purist at heart, she desires that an item remains true to its essence and free from diluting influences. Her emotive relationship with music is her therapy devoted strictly to vinyl and this transcends into her unique performances. She will read your audience and then play what gets them grooving. She always creates a feel-good atmosphere and plays infectious dance grooves to infiltrate the hearts of countless foot-stomping crowds… A presence that is unique, raw, real and passion-fuelled.

DJ Abby Nurock’s love for sourcing quality music drives her to expand her extensive collection of vinyl’s boasting: