Mariechan, originally from Cape Town, became known for her vocal ability during her 10year career with Jamali. As the engine for Jamali’s vocal strength, her effortless vocal ability with her natural feminine character is her signature style

Mariechan’s singular focus and dream of earning a living as an artist came to fruition as the winning girl group in pop stars in 2004. In the last 10years, it became clear that there was a market for South African talent in the pop and soul industry. She has now began her solo career by launching her first single ‘Let Me Live My Life’ which is taking South Africa by storm, played on its largest national radio platforms- 5fm and Metrofm. Welcome to Mariechan, A ‘soul-stress’.

A very diverse artist whose musical repertoire ranges from Jazz to Mid-Tempo Classical Tunes- Reference artist & songs such as; Etta James, Adele, Nina Simone, Amy Winehouse, Beyonce, Rihanna

Notable Collaborations
• HOUSE- Lulu Cafe, ‘Keep the Level Low’ Mariechan features and also wrote the lyrics and
composed the melody.
a.Reason (feat Ricky Rick and Mariechan) ‘No Ordinary Being’.
b. Blayze Entertainment (feat Mariechan and other artist) ‘Jozi’s Finest’.
c. Big Dreamz (feat Mariechan) ‘I Believe in Magic’.
• SOUL/ROCK- Arno Carstens (feat Mariechan) ‘Little Evil’.
• POP- Ed Jordan & Mariechan (duet) ‘Two Strangers’

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Mariechan is available for live performances at events, parties, shows, festivals and productions.